Los Molcajetes Restaurant was founded by Jesus Reynoso and wife Marisol Reynoso along with family members. The Reynoso's have been Serving the Solano County since 2015. They have open several Luch Trucks around the area and they keep on bringing the flavor of Authentic Mexican Food to our taste every day. 

Molcajete 3 Carnes




Los Molcajetes Restaurant, Vallejo CA, serves authentic Mexican cuisine inspired by The Reynoso's Family to which shares the culture and cuisine of their homeland. The menu is driven by the foods they grew up with, from Sizzling Molcajetes, Enchiladas, Steaks and delicious Seafood dishes to Tortas, Tacos & Burritos.

Los Molcajetes Restaurant makes almost everything in-house and sources the very best products, whether it's daily fresh Vegetables or our best selection of Meats.

From lunch to dinner, happy hour and weekend brunch, our Restaurant is a vibrant taste of Mexico and a neighborhood spot for all. 

With dedication and passion for what we do we are always creating the best admosphere for all our guest to make them feel comfortable at our place witch is your house as well.

Come to Los Molcajetes!

Enjoy the taste of our great Dishes!

The Best Food in Vallejo CA.

Chile Verde
Wet Burrito
tostadas de ceviche